JournalCon 2002
October 4 - 6, San Francisco, California

Part Six: The Afternoon Panels

Before the beginning of the first afternoon panel, I take my picture with my new friend, Weetabix.

The first panel was about Life After Journalling, and had panellist who once kept on-line journals, but had since quit (with the exception of one who just started a her journal up again). They discussed how their lives had changed since they stopped writing. One girl said she had gotten more active and had actually lost weight since quitting her journal. I found that quite interesting. Maybe that's my problem!

The second panel dealt with using pseudonyms with your journal, and/or writing a ficitonal journal, and was inspired by the infamous Kaycee Nichole web log fiasco. Some people had very stong opinions about this topic: they didn't like to find out a journal or journaller was not real. Some said they felt betrayed when they found out a journal they'd been reading was not all that they thought it was. I had never really thought about it one way or the other.Personally, I don't really care if it's real or not, or if someone uses their real name or not. Then again, I've never been emotionally involved with another journaler and then got burned by them. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had.

The final panel was "The Pamie Panel," with one of the most famous on-line journallers of all time (or at least so far), Pamela Ribon. It was a really interesting and fun panel. She talked about her journal, Squishy, her various writing jobs, and her new novel, Girls are Wierd, which will be published next year.


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