September 13, 2003

This year's annual Summer Party was held at a rented vacation house just a few steps from the beach in Cayucos.

It was a wonderful opportunity for me to spend some time watching the wave, as well as getting some reading done.

I also got an opportunity to play with the close-up lens on my camera!

And, of course, no entry from me would be complete without a picture of my toes!

As per tradition, there was a BBQ with tons of great food!

And, later, there was homemade ice cream! Tres yum!

The fog came in thicker when the sun went down, and it started getting really misty. I ended up getting some very cool shots of the mist-drops on the camera lens!

It was, as usual, an awesome party! It might've even been better than the parties up at the cabin. Then again, maybe not better, just different.